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John Dorschner

John Dorschner was a staff writer for the Miami Herald for four decades, much of that time with Tropic, the Sunday magazine. In his later years, he covered mostly healthcare economics. He is the winner of two National Headliner Awards and the Green Eyeshade Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He retired in 2013. He is co-author of “The Winds of December,” a book about Cuba in 1958, and author of “How Florida Got Its Shape.” His writing has been anthologized in several college textbooks, including “Telling Stories Taking Risks,” “Textures: Strategies for Reading” and “Critical Issues in Policing: Contemporary Readings.” In 2001, he was a Senior Fulbright Fellow, teaching journalism and studying the post-Communist economy in Timisoara, Romania. He lives in Miami with his wife, Kathy Martin.

He has been researching Miami 1980 since 2013. When he has something to announce, he’ll tweet @johndorschner and post on facebook.com/miamiwebnews.  His other website is MiamiWebNews.com. He is also posting commentary on medium.com/@johndorschner.

He can be contacted at [email protected].